FAQ - Frequently asked questions


Is it free to use challenjam.com?

Yes, it is free.


How to register?

with an email address and password, or a facebook account


What is a ‘jamit’?

It’s a vote. You can jamit as many videos as you like.

You get 3 tickets for 100 given jamits, and 5 tickets for 200 received jamits.


How to win a challenjam?

by collecting the most jamits


How to join a challenjam?

Find the ‘POST video/picture here’ button, click on it.

On the POST page add your post’s name, and link your youtube video where indicated. When ready, click on ‘Post’ button.


How to start a challenjam?

Click on the ‘Start your challenjam for free’ button, on the TOP of the page.

On the Challenge page you have 7 things to do:

  1. Give a name to your challenge.
  2. Give a mission to your challenge.
  3. Choose a Category.
  4. Decide on the entry fee, and set the number of tickets – you can start free challenges by setting 0 ticket, or you can start prize challenges for entry fee. When you set tickets, you immediately see the prizes you can get!
  5. Set the running days of your challenge.
  6. Upload your avatar pics if you like.
  7. Click on ‘START ChallenJam!’ button!


What is a Ticket?

the entry fee of one post


Is it free to start a challenjam?

Yes, it is free.  

If you start a free (0 ticket) challenge, it is free for everyone to join.


If you start a prize challenge, requiring entry fee by setting 1, or more tickets, everyone who joins/posts that challenge must pay the set number of tickets.


What is a ‘Just for fun’ challenjam?

It is a free, no entry fee (0 ticket) challenge. It’s just for fun, and fame!


What is a prize challenjam?

It’s a challenge for entry fee (1, or more tickets), and $ prize.

When you start a challenge, and set the entry fee (tickets), you can see the prize you can get as a starter or the winner of the challenge.


How can I get tickets?

There are three options:

  • by giving jamits (3 tickets for 100 jamits - see on your Profile page)
  • by getting jamits ( 5 tickets for 200 jamits – see on your Profile page)
  • you can also buy tickets on your Profile page or when you post in a prize challenge.


How much is a ticket?

$ 2,89


How to buy tickets?

Go to your Profile. See your Ticket balance.

If you need tickets for entry fee, you can buy easily by credit cards, or Pay Pal.

When you join a prize challenjam, and you need tickets, you will be offered to do.


How can I receive my prize?

Click on the Payment Button, on your Profile.

We send your money via PayPal to your PayPal account. We will ask for your payment info after clicking the Payment button.


When starts a challenjam running?

When there are at least 4 posts in it.

After 30 days, if there are less than 4 posts in it, the challenjam is deleted and the tickets (if there is any) are returned.


What happens with empty ChallenJams?

Challenjams without posts are deleted after 7 days.